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All you did was add a tween for that bulbisaur that was supposed to be a walking cycle and made him fall.(nothing to be exicted about) The reason im giving it such a low rating is because It DOESN even look like you did put effort into this. The arts ok but. SSHHESH....(looks sorta noobish) It doesnt need to be long (a short and sweet story wouldnt hurt) but just add a litttlllee more effort . Cause honestly it looks like something I would do in a mere.... I say 5 minutes..



*CLAPS HANDS AT THE END* :I Its great but at the end Why give him a hand?

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The game was too awesome!! But I have a few suggestions

WE NEED BITEY OF BRACKENWOOD for a fighting character!

2. The newgrounds staff would bave been awesome to add for fighting characters as well!

also it wouldnt have been awesome if you can change the colors of the tankman!

and fourth... we need dadn me.

Holy crap...

When I just saw the title screen I just knew this game is another crappy game (no intro? No animation...... anything? and the instructions are so small I had to zoom in) but I played it anyways and the first thing I noticed is theres alot of traffic today with the same cars! and gee wiz their all drunk.. (cause their driving backwards and forward!) and instead of walking on the sidewalks Ill think ill just walk (in a slothy pace) in the busy street!......... that makes perfect sense! I have no doubt that ill make it to school early! *got ran over a few times* *gets to school* I got an F+ for being late?! dont you feel sorry that I have broken bones for being ran over by the drunk drivers teacher?! I said however the Teacher says "I dont give a crap now sit down". Even if you won the game you still get an F wtf?! no reward? no victory music? NO...... ANYTHING?! ah screw this.... ya know i was about to give you a 5 or something but this game is wayyy awfu- *got ran over by a drunk driver*

This gamre...

it reminds me of kirby's epic larn without the cuteness

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What a great picture! Did you use reference from this picture? The mood of the colors is so relaxing..... I have nothing else to say for the picture explains itself! Just beautiful!


I like how you revapped this drawing with a chockfull of persective and details! Nice work! I like how the polar bears all like wth? Overall I have nothing much else to say about this but keep up the good work!

Looks ok

But the drawing seems somewhat flat even though you added shadings.. Speaking of which, The shading is also somewhat misleading (like the horns look like they're not even connected to the hair!) Also to me this doesnt rather seem art portal material. Sorry dude but its not. The reason I say this is because the drawings a little to simple and plus you only did a headshot. This really looks like a good character but the way you drew needs a little more work..


tehbladeclan responds:

see his horns arnt surposed to be connected to his hair retard

draw draw draw... frame frame frame.. 3d!.. pixel?.. DRAW!

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