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Wash Away Your Worries Wash Away Your Worries

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What a great picture! Did you use reference from this picture? The mood of the colors is so relaxing..... I have nothing else to say for the picture explains itself! Just beautiful!

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Eye Guy [CC] Eye Guy [CC]

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I like how you revapped this drawing with a chockfull of persective and details! Nice work! I like how the polar bears all like wth? Overall I have nothing much else to say about this but keep up the good work!

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Devil jamal Devil jamal

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Looks ok

But the drawing seems somewhat flat even though you added shadings.. Speaking of which, The shading is also somewhat misleading (like the horns look like they're not even connected to the hair!) Also to me this doesnt rather seem art portal material. Sorry dude but its not. The reason I say this is because the drawings a little to simple and plus you only did a headshot. This really looks like a good character but the way you drew needs a little more work..


tehbladeclan responds:

see his horns arnt surposed to be connected to his hair retard

NewGrounds! NewGrounds!

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.............................................AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!..I like this drawing so much the detail the simplicity!! MY EYES ARE GONNA EXPLODE!!!! *BLEW UP*.............. *calms down* its cool

Would you like some more Coco? Would you like some more Coco?

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NO RickRoll NO................ NO coco (ill get my own)

NinjuhBoyBLU responds: