2013-06-13 09:26:32 by renaissancekid

you know its game over for u when this happens....



2012-02-26 14:05:34 by renaissancekid

HELLO NEW-GROUNDERS AND NEWCOMERS!! THIS REDESIGN IS AWESOME!!!! however there are some things that bug me.. litterally some bugs in the redesign but *shakes bug off shoulder* that's coooooolllllllll

Anyways, Ive gained a fascination in old school 8bit games... so I discited to draw this character, Soda Popinsiki! From Mike Tyson's Punchout from 1987 also featuring in Punchout Wii! A Russian that drinks so much soda he gets intoxicated by it..... lol....... I actually played the game and GOSH HE IS HARRRRRDDDDD!!!! I beat him at least once.... oooohhhhhhh he should have been the final boss...for me that is...... So CHEERS for the 2012th redesign and all the staff that contributed to it!! *drinks one of soda popinsiki's soda*

Heres a video of Soda Popinski getting his butt whooped at 1:50 seconds!


I WOVE DA WEEEE!!!!!! lol

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKMA9aOnK-E&featu re=fvst



bio of me!

2011-06-17 12:04:45 by renaissancekid

Like I said guys! I think I started off the wrong foot. Forgive me?(Not expecting a yes but sheeesh! if so, your a tough crowd!)

But anyways, let me show you what I can do and much Ive been sponsered a few times!

If you havent heard of me, My name is the renaissancekid (xwushux on youtube) Ive done a few animations for a few known people such as Wyclef Jean.(you know that guy that wanted to be president of haiti.) Dont believe me? (they always don't.. they even questioned my age) Heres a video of Wyclef talking about my Tehran video below.

I be here on newgrounds for 3 reasons

1. I wish for improvement. Even if you think your a pro you still need some work.
2. This is the only site that my dad doesn't even know Im in. Allowing me to showcase most of my stuff freely.

Mostly everyone on youtube or iseecolor wishes to call my character link (cus hes a link to the earth)..... Im calling him something else. Any suggestions?

Stay positive newgrounds and look for more updates! :D
Bleh.. No more posting on the bbs. Ive caused enough trouble there. MOAR ANIMATION!!!

bio of me!

Submitted my old flashes!

2011-05-29 18:39:19 by renaissancekid

And so far not to a good start BUT this time Im going to make a project myself! without my dad! Its called flash bot its in one of my pictures in the art section! So this time NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY!! Also Im revapping my character Cantelope (this is when I was 11. dad wanted to call him roger bacon) *see video below*

Soo it seems here on newgrounds im off too a bad start I really hope you forgive me. also sorry for trolling on the bbs posts mods *offers to shake hand*

Also it seems that people doubt im 13 (actually 14 now) "like kids wouldn't run around saying that they're 13". Well Its a timeline thing ya know. almost like the truman show.

Like I said before NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY!! *technically supposed to be nice*

ermail mouse remake! coming soon! /update (first video)

Also if I have the chance, Im making a game called piano the frog. A guitar hero game where my character piano catchs notes guitar hero style.. (I know it doesn't sound too exciting but its a wip.. wish me luck on that!)

Update: Ive now changed piano the frog to "treble the frog" treble's enemy is now an enemy named Bass. Will update for more info about Bass. (he might be a turtle.)

Update :) Finished mascot unofficial mascot :) still a wip

Stay positive newgrounds! And look for more updates!

Its my birthday!!!

2011-05-20 18:54:14 by renaissancekid

I have evoled from a 13 year old into a 14 year old!!! what do I do now?